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Marinas and Waterfront Facilities

It is estimated that there are more than 10,000 marinas in the U.S., serving millions of boaters, fishermen and water lovers of every type. Marina owners and managers are constantly striving to keep their facility up to the standards of the clients as well as current local, state and federal requirements. As such, they are active buyers and marketers.

Marina Dock Age - For more than 25 years, this has been the only business-to-business publication serving the educational and informational needs of the U.S. waterfront facilities segment of the industry. In each issue marina professionals, service center operators and boatyard managers will find the timely and relevant information they need to perform their jobs more effectively and efficiently. Marina Dock Age also offers an annual Buyer’s Guide that goes out free of charge to its subscribers. Marina Dock Age
The Docks Expo - or simply Docks for short, is an annual tradeshow designed to connect marina, boatyard, and large private dock owners and operators with the latest products and services to help them manage, maintain and improve their facilities. Docks is brought to you by the publishers of Marina Dock Age, the leading magazine for marina and boatyard management for more than 25 years. Marina Dock Age
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